We provide our customers an end-to-end low cost solution

With Professionalism, Discipline, Commitment, Quality and Care.

  • Performance

    Excellence is non-negotiable in every aspect of our business process. Superior quality of performance is critical to our business growth and success.

  • Employee relations

    As a global company, we operate in diverse legal and cultural environments. To ensure that our commitment to human well-being is upheld, we abide by the code of conduct.

  • Customer Care

    Customers are the focus of our work. We consider it our privilege to serve them and find solutions to any problems they may have.

  • Safety Measures

    Setting and enforcing workplace and occupational safety and health standards is given prime importance at STPL.

  • Quality

    Our company's policy is to maintain all quality standards right from the intiation stage till the final stage.

  • Social Responsibility

    We provide employment opportunities and help in improving the lives of local communities.